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Troop Contacts

Adult Leaders

Chris Jackson
(317) 903-3147

Ed Beck
Committee Chair
(317) 417-6084

Ed Beck
Charter Organization Representative
Parents for Scouting


Youth Leaders

January - June  2021

Senior Patrol Leader   Aaron W.
Asst Senior Patrol Leader   Cameron B.
Quartermaster   Tristin J.
Historian   open
Librarian   Nathan F
Scribe   Gary B.
Chaplain's Aid   Noah J.
Bugler   Mason R.
Webmaster   Nate A.
Troop Guide   open
OA Representative   open

July - December  2020

Senior Patrol Leader   Noah J
Asst Senior Patrol Leader   Aaron W
Quartermaster   Mason R
Historian   Gabriel R
Librarian   Gary
Scribe   Michael R
Chaplain's Aid   Jon F
Bugler   open
Webmaster   Jack S
Troop Guide   open
OA Representative   open


Location & Time

We meet in Avon, Indiana, just west of the AJAA fields at 625E and 100S, across from the Grace Fellowship Church.

Troop Meetings every Tuesday from 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM.

The "Scout Hut"
6096 East County Road 100 South
Avon, IN 46123

Google Maps and GPS coordinates 39.748312,-86.41714


Scout Hut History

Our Scout Hut was originally the veterinary hospital at Fort Harrison. Around 1963 the scout parents learned of an auction to be held at Ft Harrison to sell off the WWII buildings. Four of our dads went to the base to inquire about the sale. When the commandant learned this was for a scout troop, he declared an immediate auction, asked the dads how much they had in their pockets. The reply was a collective $ 15.00. The commandant declared "Sold for $15.00".

The troop then had to arrange transport via flat bed semis across Indianapolis. The total cost of the move was about $ 1,000. This raised the stop lights and telephone wires, and paid for the trucks. The building was chain-sawed in two, loaded on the trucks and driven across town.

The land is also a donation to the youth of Avon. If we ever abandon the site we are required to donate it to another youth organization. The well out front is artesian. It will pump on its own but not enough pressure to get water up into the building.


Youth Leadership

For a full list of roles and responsabilities, see YOUTH POSITIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY.

Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)    

MUST BE STAR RANK OR ABOVE. The SPL is the highest youth leadership position in a troop. They are the primary link between a troop’s Scouts and its adult leaders. They shoulder the responsibility for leading meetings of the troop and planning most activities.

Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)

MUST BE STAR RANK OR ABOVE. The assistant senior patrol leader is the second highest youth leadership position in the troop, working closely with the senior patrol leader to help the troop move forward.

Quartermaster (QM)

MUST BE STAR RANK OR ABOVE. Quartermasters serve as the troop’s supply boss. They keep an inventory of troop equipment and see that the gear is in good condition.


Troop webmasters are responsible for maintaining somem of the the troop’s website and social media. They make sure that information posted on the website is correct and up to date and that the privacy of youth and adult troop members is protected. A member of the troop committee and the Scoutmaster will assist them with their work.


The scribe is the troop’s secretary. They record attendance at troop meetings and maintain troop advancement records. The troop scribe may be assisted by a member of the adult troop committee.


The historian collects, assembles, and preserves troop photographs, news stories, trophies, flags, scrapbooks, awards, and other memorabilia, and makes materials available for Scouting activities, courts of honor, the media, and troop history projects.


Troop librarians oversee the care and use of troop books, pamphlets, magazines, audiovisuals, and merit badge counselor lists. They check out these materials to Scouts and leaders and maintain records to ensure that everything is returned. They may also suggest the acquisition of new literature and report the need to repair or replace any current holdings.

Chaplain's Aid

Chaplain aides assist the troop in serving the religious needs of the troop. They lead the troop in opening or closing prayer and mealtime blessings. 


The bugler plays the bugle (or similar instrument) to mark key moments during the troop meeting, such as assembly, or on troop outings, such as reveille, mess call, and lights out. The bugler must know the required bugle calls and ideally should have earned the Bugling merit badge or be working toward earning it.

Troop Guide (appointed by Scoutmaster)

Troop guides serve as both a leader and a mentor to the members of the new-Scout patrol. They should be an older Scout who holds at least the First Class rank and can TroopGuidework well with younger Scouts. In Troop 306, this is an appointed posistion by the Scoutmaster.

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