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Welcome to Troop 306

Welcome to our troop and thanks for visiting. The past 15 years as Scoutmaster I have observed:

  1. Boys love to explore and challenge themselves in the great outdoors
  2. Boys need positive male role models

I have continued to invest my time and energy into Scouting to make the most of those two points. Boy Scouts of America is one of the last organizations to offer a boy the ability to explore and be a little wild while learning and refining his sense of worth in this world. All this backed by the belief in God and the powerful strength that comes by the demonstrating and mentoring from older scouts and adults.

Every scout is in control of their advancement and leadership as they progress in our troop. Boys advance at their pace, not on a set schedule like in Cub Scouts. Some scouts rank up quickly, others just want to camp and do not worry about rank advancement until they are older. The scouts in both categories are still accomplishing my goal of teaching and growing boys into young leaders.

In our troop you will have new opportunities that most other organization cannot offer, such as high adventures in backpacking, canoeing, climbing, and spelunking. We offer new experiences such as going to the National Jamboree, survival campouts, and service opportunities all around Hendricks Country, our state, and even worldwide.

I encourage parents, grandparents, and guardians to be involved in all our adventures as well as leadership roles within the troop. I am very fortunate to continue to have such a great support system in Troop 306. I write this not because I “MUST HAVE” more help, I write it because I want other adults to see what I have enjoyed for so many years and to make time to be a part of their son’s memories when they first try to ski, rock climb, or survive 10 days on the trail with nothing but what's in their backpack.


Troop 306 Basics

62 Years of Adventure

Troop 306 was formed in 1960 and is charted by Parents for Scouting, Inc. We are dedicated to helping boys become leaders through guided leadership experiences in scouting skills, advancement, and recreational activities.

We meet most every Tuesday evening from 7:00 to 8:30 at the Avon Youth Foundation building (affectionately called "The Scout Hut") located west of the AJAA baseball diamonds off 100 South. Scouts are expected to wear a Class A uniform (official Boy Scout shirt) to all meetings and most outings.

Weekly Meetings

We Are a Low Cost Troop

Our annual dues are only $160, which includes:

* Special events, such as skiing, theme parks, and Summer Camp are additional costs per scout and guest.

Adult recharter is $60


Camping and Adventures

We camp once a month (in hot or cold weather) and attend Scout Camporees throughout the year. We also spend one week during the summer at a scout summer camp. Every two to three years our troop hosts our own summer camp. Every two to three years we also journey out to a high adventure trip to Philmont, Boundary Waters, or to a National Jamboree.


New scouts should always have their 10 Essentials on every trip. A full list available in the BSA Scout handbook and at troop306avon.com/10. Additionally each scout should have:

Personal Equipment

  • Sleeping Bag
  • Closed Cell Ground Pad
  • Rain Gear
  • Compass
  • Personal First Aid Kit
  • Sunscreen
  • Insect Repellant
  • Mess Kit with Cup
  • Water Bottle
  • Flashlight
  • A Duffle Bag or Backpack (optional)
  • Camp Chair (optional)

Troop Equipment

  • Tents
  • Pots
  • Pans
  • Cooking Gear
  • Stoves
  • Fuel
  • Matches
  • Dining Shelter


Schedule of Troop Events

All our troop's events are listed with detailed information online at troop306avon.com/events.

Troop Leadership

The Scoutmaster relates closely to each of the links in the chain of troop operations: the Scouts, the Junior Leaders, the Patrol Leaders Council, the Assistant Scoutmasters, and the Troop Committee.

For a complete contact list and list of trained leaders, both youth and adults, please visit troop306avon.com/contactus

Youth Leadership Roles

For a full list of responsibilities and duties please visit troopleader.scouting.org/troop-positions/

  1. Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) - The senior leader of the troop (must be Star rank or above).
  2. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) - Assists the SPL (must be Star rank or above).
  3. Quartermaster (QM) - Responsible for scouting equipment (must be Star rank or above).
  4. Historian - Responsible for tracking and recording events for future generations to learn from.
  5. Librarian - Responsible for storing and organizing the unit's library.
  6. Scribe - Responsible for keeping written records and attendance.
  7. Chaplain's Aid - Responsible for observing religious events, prayers in the troop, and camping chapel.
  8. Bugler - Responsible for sounding bugle calls when needed in the troop.
  9. Webmaster - Responsible for minor maintenance and upkeep of the troop's web site and social pages.
  10. Patrol Leaders - Responsible for organizing and leading a patrol.

Junior Leader Council

It's been said that the Patrol Leaders' Council is probably Boy Scout's finest example of junior leaders in action. Each patrol elects its own leader as their head to form the patrol leaders' council. It is the council's job to plan and run the troop program.

Patrol Leaders are to represent his patrol on the council and interpret to his patrol the plans and decisions the council makes. Every scout in the troop, from the Senior Patrol Leader to the newest Scout, has a voice in the Troop's operation.

The Junior Leader Council (JLC) is an elected position, which is help for six months at a time. The Council charge is to develop camping schedules throughout the year. They assist in the Court of Honor, Troop meetings and camp-outs. The JLC meets once a month on Tuesday evenings at 6:30, one half hour before the regular weekly Scout meeting.

Boy Led Troop

We are a boy led Troop with a Senior Patrol Leader (SPL), and Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) who run the meetings.

The Troop is divided by Patrols, each having a scout patrol leader and assistant. Each patrol has a parent patrol advisor to assist them during the meetings and activities.

Court of Honor Celebrations

Each quarter we hold a court of honor to recognize the scouts for their individual advancements and accomplishments. Our goal is to ensure that a Scout is recognized immediately for achievements. All parents are encouraged to attend the Court of Honor whether or not their own son is receiving an award. This is an important part of the Scouting program and all Scouts look forward to this event. Our main Court of Honor dinners are held after summer camp and again around the beginning of each year.

Troop Committee

Parents are encouraged to join or help the troop committee and attend scout outings.


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