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Popcorn Sales

Troop Popcorn 2024 Goal: $20,000

Personal Selling Goals & Incentives

New for 2023

Recommended Sales Levels
Item to Cover Popcorn Sales Needed Scout Account Value Sales Shifts Needed Explaination
      $75/ hour Sales Rate  $100/ hour Sales Rate  
Adventure Fee $1114 $156 15 Shifts 12 Shifts Popcorn sold x 33% Commision x 40% Scout Rate
Camp $2750 $363 37 Shifts 28 Shifts Popcorn sold x 33% Commision x 40% Scout Rate
Adventure Fee & Camp $3875 $540 51 Shifts 39 Shifts Popcorn sold x 33% Commision x 40% Scout Rate

Trail’s End Promotions 

Troop 306's Available Popcorn Shifts (Current Week Only) Calendar


Important Dates for the 2023 Sale

Date Reason
Monday July 17th Online Sales Begin
Friday Aug 18th Storefront & Door-to-Door Sales Begin
Tuesday Oct 17th End In Door-to-Door Popcorn Sales for Troop (Not Storefronts)
Tuesday Oct. 24th FINAL PAYMENT DUE - No Exceptions

Trail’s End Mobile App

Scouts can use the app, available from the App and Google Play Stores to track your sales in real time!  The App tracks your Wagon, Online and Storefront sales!   No need to use paper sales sheets!  Record all your sales in the App!  Download the app and then visit https://www.trails-end.com/registration to register.


Storefront Locations

Storefront Location Address Town
Avon - Lowes
7893 E US Hwy 36
Avon - Walmart Supercenter
9500 E US Hwy 36
Plainfield - Walmart Supercenter
2373 E Main St
Plainfield - Tractor Supply 129 North Perry Rd Plainfield
Indianapolis - 10th Street Lowes 975 Beachway Dr Indianapolis
Indianapolis - Sam's Club 5805 Rockville Rd. Indianapolis
Brownsburg - Lowes 630 W Northfield Dr Brownsburg


Important Linkable Information

Trails End App Quick Start Guide
How to Connect Bluetooth Square Reader
2023 Take Order Form
Trails End Prize Program
StoreFront Strategies
Why Customers Buy Popcorn
Scouts & Parents Training Video
Social Media Strategies
App Training Video


Getting Weekly Popcorn

To get popcorn for face to face sales, please email Alex Alcalde at alex@troop306avon.com by 12 noon on MONDAYS. The popcorn will be at the weekly meetings for parents to check out.


Only take checks from Trusted Adults.  As a troop we have previously been burned by bounced checks. 


2023 Popcorn Kits Available


This Year’s Traditional Products & Prices 


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