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Upcoming Events

Sat, Oct 1
12:00pm   (5:00pm)
Tend Fire & Help at the Harvest Moon Festival at Avon Town Hall Park
  4 registered
Sat, Oct 8 - 9
6:30am   (1:00pm)
Camping and Museum at Wright Patterson
  8 registered
Sat, Nov 5 - 6
8:30am   (11:00am)
Camping at TBD
Sat, Dec 3 - 4
2:00pm   (10:00am)
Camping and Game Night at The Scout Hut
  2 registered
Mon, Apr 8
11:00am   (1:00pm)
Solar Eclipse

Past Events

Sat, Sep 24 - 25
8:30am   (11:30am)
Backpacking at Pate Hollow
Sat, Sep 17 - 18
2:00pm   (11:00am)
Parent & Adult Campout (adults only) at Jason Henry’s Farm
Sun, Sep 11
12:00pm   (3:00pm)
Ideal Year of Scouting - Yearly Planning Meeting at The Scout Hut
Sun, Sep 11
9:00am   (12:00pm)
ILST Scout Meeting at The Scout Hut
Sat, Sep 10
5:00pm   (7:00pm)
Fall Court of Honor at The Scout Hut
Sat, Aug 20
9:00am   (1:00pm)
Parker Duncan's Eagle Project at Spirit of Life Church

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