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Friends of Scouting

What is Friends of Scouting?

Crossroads of America Council official Friends of Scouting page.

If you have questions or would like more details, please reach out to our local district:


Dear Parent,

Scouting in the Crossroads of America Council continues to make a positive impact on the lives of young people across 26 counties in central Indiana. Despite the many challenges 2021 encompassed, our Council was still able to provide structure and character-based programming to 39,949 young people and their families. 

I hope that you and your family have enjoyed all that Scouting has to offer. If you have not, I ask that you prioritize taking advantage of the many opportunities our Council provides.

Very similar to what a church or athletic association must do to keep their program moving forward, the Crossroads of America Council relies on Scouting families, local, businesses, and community partners to financially support the objectives and mission of the Council’s operations. This annual campaign is labeled “Friends of Scouting.” 

The donations given to support Friends of Scouting provides the ability for CAC to:

I would like to encourage every family in our Unit to make a donation to this wonderful program. It means a lot to our current Scouts and those that come in the future that we provide the support needed to ensure each Scout has a successful journey. 

Your family is appreciated for your willingness and consideration to support the Friends of Scouting Campaign at whatever financial level you are able to give.

To make a donation now: 


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