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2023 Scout Recharter

It's Recharter Time! Due Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022

It is recharter time to prepare for scouting in 2023.   Despite council increasing fees, Troop 306 is still only charging:

Recharter is due Tuesday, Nov. 29, 2022 for all Scouts/Scouters wanting to continue in 2023. 

If you want a subscription to "Scouts LIfe" magazine, please add an extra $15.

$95 Recharter Still Includes:

Please make checks payable to: Troop 306

You can also mail payments to:
     Alex Alcalde
     6646 Wilmot Lane
     Avon, IN 46123

If you sold popcorn this year and/or had a balance in your Scout's Scout Account, you have received a separate email to indicate what your recharter balance will be.  If you did not, please contact Alex Alcalde for your current balance. 

No Scout will be excluded due to financial hardship.  Recharter assistance is available for those families in need, please contact either Alex Alcalde or Ed Beck privately for more information. 



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